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Slight Delay + Fan Art

Check it out!! Amazing fan art by the amazing Meg for my birthdaaay! Check out her COMIC RIGHT HERE! GUYS IT'S AMAZING!

As to the rest of this weeks update, a page IS coming, but it will be a little delayed. I didn't ever want to miss an update this early in the game, and I'm determined to fix the kinks in this page before the weekends over. It's actually a double page spread, so it's taking more time than usual. I prefer to have a nice set of buffer of pages built up, but thanks to some recent crazy schedule changes I've been picking up a lot of shifts at work. As soon as January is over, my work schedule should settle back to it's old routine (I hope!), but in the meantime I'll still keep updating on a weekly basis. I may take a week or two off between chapter 1 and 2 so I can build up a better buffer. My goal is to tell this story as fast as possible, but also keep up the quality for you guys, and a buffer really helps me feel less of a panic so the pages don't suffer!

So the gist of that was: pages coming but a little late, Meg saved my butt with this fan art, and you are all awesome for sticking with me!

P.S. I love fanart. Even if it's not my birthday anymore. ;) <33333 Gosh, I'm greedy! hahaha[code]

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